Ikkoku-kan Dictionary

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(Last Up Date: 15/12/2000)
Do you know what building is Maison Ikkoku like? Let's visit it!
(Last Up Date: 01/02/2001)
Where are Maison Ikkoku, Cha-Cha-Maru located in that town?
@Difference points of Comics and Anime @The Mysteries of Ikkoku-kan
(Last Up Date: 01/12/2000)
I found many defference points about depiction of Maison Ikkoku in comics and animation.
(Last Up Date: 16/01/2001)
We can have peace of mind at Maison Ikkoku. But do you know Maison Ikkoku itself has many mysteries.

* It is widely known that the model city of Clock Hill is Higashi-kurume city, Tokyo where Rumiko Takahashi had lived. And there was the model building of Ikkoku-kan (Maison Ikkoku) in Nakano, Tokyo where Rumiko Takahashi had lived until she moved out to Higashi-kurume.