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@English Edition @French Edition
(Last Up Date: 13/02/2002)
We can find English edition of MI as "Viz comics" and "Viz video"
(Last Up Date: 24/08/2001)
French edition of MI was finally brought out!!
@German Edition @Chinese Edition
(Last Up Date: 03/08/2005)
German edition of MI was finally brought out!!
(Last Up Date: 03/08/2005)
We can find Chinese edition of MI at Taiwan and Hong Kong.
@Korean Edition
(Last Up Date: 03/08/2005)
Comics of Maison Ikkoku was released as "Do,re,mi house" in Korea.

English Edition French Edition Italian Edition German Edition Chinese Edition Korean Edition Thai Edition
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@ Japanese Edition (Japan)
...Comics: Normal, Wide and Pocket editions was published from Shogakukan.
...Anime: It was broadcasted at Fuji TV, and LD, VHS, VCD, DVD are on sale.
@ English Edition (U.S.A etc)
...Comics: "Monthly comic" and "graphic novel" was published from Viz Communications,Inc.
...Anime: VIZ VIDEO is published from VIZ Communications,Inc.
@ French Edition (France)
...Comics: It was firstly published from Éditions TONKAM on December 2000.
...Anime: It was broadcasted at TF1, and its title was "Juliette je t'aime (Juliet, I love you)".
@ Italian Edition (Italy)
...Comics: Its title is "Maison Ikkoku" and sub-title is "Cara dolce Kioko". It's published from Star Comics.
...Anime: Its title is "Cara dolce Kioko (It means "Dear sweet Kyoko")".
@ German Edition (German)
...Comics: Its title is "Maison Ikkoku". It has been published Egmont Manga & Anime, B since April, 2003.
@ Spanish Edition (Spain)
...Comics: After finishing broadcasting animation, it was published from Planeta DeAgostini. But it was not whole volumes.
...Anime: Its title is "Juliette je t'aime"(same as french editon). It was broadcasted at the beginning or the middle of the nineteen-nities.
@ Chinese Edition (Taiwan, Hong Kong)
...Comics: The title of both comics and animation is "Xiangju Yike"(in Peking reading). I cannot find them in the People's Republic of China.
...Anime: In Hong Kong, the animation of Maison Ikkoku was broadcanted at TVB and ATV.
@ Korean Edition (Korea)
...Comics: Its title of comics is "Do,re,mi house".
@ Thai Edition (Thailand)
...Comics: Its title is "Maison Ikkoku". It has been published Siam Inter Comics.