Maison Ikkoku Timeline

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(Last Up Date: 01/11/2000)
The story of "Maison Ikkoku" are formed on the detailed timetable.
(Last Up Date: 01/11/2000)
The timeline of animation are based on real time.

The History of Maison Ikkoku
1980.10.14MI are started to write on "Big Comic Spirits"
1982.05.01Comics vol.1 are published
1986.03.26TV animation are started to broadcast
1987.04.06MI was finished writting on "Big Comic Spirits"
1988.02.06Movie "Kanketsu-hen" are shown
1988.03.02The last inning on Animation
1990.05.01Wide version vol.1 are published
1997.01.01Pocket book vol.1 are published