Ikkokukan no Omoide


The book "Ikkokukan no Omoide (It means "The Memories of Maison Ikkoku")" was first published in 1993. It was written by some writers named "Maison Ikkoku Jumin kaigi (It means "The Residents meeting in Maison Ikkoku")". And the publisher was WANI Books.

This book was written about many mysteries of Maison Ikkoku. I think it's very useful for fans. But I cannot translate all of this books (I'm not forgiven to do), so I'll introduce these contents simply.

N.B. This book is out of print, it becomes very hard to get now. You must remember there are many Japanese fan don't have it.

(1) The story started at Maison Ikkoku.

"Ikkoku" of Maison Ikkoku means "a moment". So the name of "Maison Ikkoku" must be given by the big clock on it. We cannot listen to that clock strike now, but the sound of the clock with misic box must have taught time to people living nearby.
What was Maison Ikkoku, this old building used as at first? It has a fine big clock with music box, cannot have been built as a residential building. We know the corridors of Maison Ikkoku are too large, and each room is also large. And the sink of each room is not separeted fromtatami(mat) room. Those sinks seemed to be made later, because they are on the boards. It means that each of residents needed not to make their meal at first. Why?
The owner of Maison Ikkoku is Grandpa Otonashi. We cannot forget he is a director of the girls' high school Kyoko went to. He must be a man of extraordinary talent.
Grandpa Otonashi may have managed the school, and Maison Ikkoku may have been used as a dormitory for boarding students. If the students took their meals at school, each of them didn't have to make meals at their rooms.
We don't know the truth, but we guess Maison Ikkoku must be a building with a great history.

(2) Maison Ikkoku is in Higashikurume city, Tokyo.

The address of Maison Ikkoku is "Clock Hill 2-6-5" of "Tokyo". But there is nowhere the address of "Clock Hill". It's a fictitious town. But we can calculate this town by some hints.
1) When the dog Soichiro disappeared, Kentaro made a paper of "missing dog". We can find the telephone number of Maison Ikkoku on it, its area code was "04??". It means that Maison Ikkoku is in some cities outside 23 district of Tokyo because all the area codes of 23 district are "03".
2) In 1983, Godai's Grandma came to Maison Ikkoku. And after a month, she got back to by Joetsu-Shinkansen. But the starting station of Joetsu-Shinkansen was not Ueno but Oomiya at that time because its construction was delaied. And there was two way to go to Omiya. One way was to use the old line. The other way was to use an exclusive line from Ueno. Yusaku's Grandma used the old line. It means Clock Hill is nearer to Omiya than Ueno.
3) But we have to exclude some cities on the central line, because they are nearer to Omiya but easy to get to Ueno. So we can choice some cities, such as Kiyose, Higashimurayama, Higashikurume, Hodogaya, Tanashi, Kodaira...
4) When Yusaku traveled Hokkaido alone, he sent Kyoko a letter. The postal code of Maison Ikkoku was "2??". The cities has the postal code of "2??" are Kiyose, Higashikurume and Hodogaya. Kiyose's is "204", Higashikurume's is "203", Hodogaya's is "202".
5) Both of these three cities are on the same railroad line. It's Seibu-Ikebukuro line. There are four station on these cities. They are Hodogaya, Hibarigaoka, Higashikurume, and Kiyose Station.
And the examination of Clock Hill Station are in just front of the ticket gate . Only Higashikurume Station has same construction with Clock Hill Station. Yes, Maison Ikkoku is in Higashikurume city, Tokyo.

(3) The big clock of Maison Ikkoku

The big watch of Maison Ikkoku always pointed to 10:25 and stopped forever. Nobody of residents of Maison Ikkoku don't know when it stopped.
The music box of the clock has ever rung by the exorbitant sound only once. It was when Yusaku and Kyoko went into the attic for the inquiry and Kyoko felt on the switch of the music box. That music box kept ringing all night long, and made great trouble to the people in the neighborhood.
This episode proved that we can ring the music box, only if we put on the switch. That watch must start working if it's repaired. Why does nobody repair it?
Some people says that the moment Soichiro died, a watch stoped. Grandpa Otonashi was greatly shocked and decided not to repair the apartment from that day. Grandpa Otonashi may think he had better not do the repair any more.
Soichiro died in the spring of 1979. Yusaku entered Maison Ikkoku in the spring of 1980, he cannot know these circumstances.

(4) Yusaku felt in love with Kyoko at first sight.

Kyoko came to Maison Ikkoku for her greeting on the day before she became the manager. The manager before her was the old man, and suddenly ran away from Maison Ikkoku without saying good-bye. It must be because the manager has heavy labor, and all residents was hard for him to deal with.
Kyoko was much younger than him. Most residents were anxious that she may not be fit the manager. But only Yusaku felt in love with her at first sight.
Yusaku didn't sit idly by. When Kyoko climbed a roof to repair, she dozed unconsciously. Yusaku found Kyoko was sleeping, he tried to kiss her. Fortunately(?), she waked up and give him a slap on his cheek.
In the next summer, Godai got dead drunk and shouted suddenly in the front of Maison Ikkoku. "Yusaku Godai loves Kyoko!!" Godai hold Kyoko in his arms and fell in his bedding. But Godai felt asleep, he failed in his attempt.
So we cannot forget Godai did his best (though he looks being abnormal). But Godai soon became negative. There was something reserved in his manner toward Kyoko. This must be because Kyoko got acquainted with Mitaka who was the instructor of tennis school. He has good face and clear head. He lives in the high-class condominium and drives around by his new car.
Mitaka also felt in love with Kyoko at first sight, and soon asked her for the date. Yusaku must have had intensive jealousy. And he noticed firstly that he loved Kyoko. When we pass a beatiful girl in the town, we often look back unconsciously. Yusaku also only admired Kyoko as a beautiful woman. But he regarded Mitaka as an intense rival, and he had no points better than Mitaka. Yusakau maybe thought Mitaka could make Kyoko happy. When he could put himself in Kyoko's place, he was sure that he loved her.

(5) Kyoko has heavy labor every day.

In some day Kyoko was asked for repairing of the leak in the roof by Akemi. She went up the roof but she just dozed on account of the good weather. But if you regard it's a peaceful scene, you have a great mistake! Kyoko had too heavy laber every day, she dozed from her overwork. Let's check Kyoko's schedule of every day.
Yusaku have been got out of bed at 6 o'clock in the morning by her grandma. When he went to the lower floor, he met Kyoko who was just going for a walk with Soichiro dog. It means Kyoko wake up before 6 o'clock.
When Kentaro goes to school, Kyoko feeds Soichiro. And she sweeps the garden with a broom. It's not easy work because the garden of Maison Ikkoku is large. Sometimes she weeds the garden in summer. And she does her washing. It takes all the whole morning to finish them.
She has many works even in the afternoon. She cleans inside of Maison Ikkoku because the residents is sleeping until about noon. And sometimes she goes to tennis school, or goes to the beauty parlor, or goes shopping to the department store. In the evening she goes shopping to the shopping street near the station, and goes walking with Soichiro, and sweeps the garden with a broom again, and feeds Soichiro. And after her supper she often does knitting, and must go to the public bath.
This is all of Kyoko's schedule. But her bedtime is not so early. In winter of 1982, Yusaku had part-time job to pay back a debt to Kyoko, and gave Kyoko the money every night. That time was 23:30. Kyoko must have gone to bed after 24 o'clock. It means her hours of sleeping is less than six-hour. In Maison Ikkoku the residents often have the all-night party, and have many many troubles. She sometimes must have almost no time to sleep.
So she just dozed on the roof. I want to tell her "Many thanks for your trouble".

(6) Kyoko's personal history

1959autumn She was born.
1966April She entered primary high school.
She sometimes changed to schools because of her father's job.
1972April She entered junior high school.
1975April She entered girls' high school.
She joined tennis club.
1977April She became the chairwoman of her classroom.
She felt in love with Soichiro who arrived in as a lecturer in earth science.
JulyShe wrote to Soichiro offering best wishes for the hot season.
1978March She left her high school.
1979Summer She got a driver's license.
Antumn She got married to Soichiro.
1980April Soichiro passed away.
Autumn She became the manager of Maison Ikkoku.

(7) Kyoko's special abilities

Kyoko may be an ideal of a wife for man. She is cleanly (likes to clean), good cook, good at knitting. There is hardly any girls who can wear kimono by theirselves like her.
And we must not forget that Kyoko has many special abilities.
(1) Kyoko is good at such sports as tennis, swimming, skating and baseball. And she is a fast runner. Yusaku has run away from Maison Ikkoku. When he came back, Kyoko ran after and caught him. She was in a skirt.
(2) Kyoko has good skill in home carpentry. When she was asked for by the residents, she repaired the hole of the wall, drying place and the roof.
(3) Kyoko is good at playing pachinko. When she went to date Mitaka, she saw he held a women at the beauty parlor of dog, she became irritated and went to play pachinko. She had many canned foods in her bag on her way home.
(4) Kyoko may have great physical strength. When she saw Yusaku and Yagami went to school happily together, she broke the banboo broom. She was laughing at that time.

(8) Yusaku cannot stop being lost in wild fancies!!

Godai's delusion
YearAbout KyokoAbout other people
In the day of the first Christmas since Godai came to Maison Ikkoku, he bought a brooch as a present for Kyoko, and he was lost in wild fancy. It was his first wild fancy. He has become under the delusions frequently ever since.
The total of his delusions are 67 times through the whole volume of comics. And we found Yusaku was lost in the wild fancies most frequently in 1982-1984. It was when many people (Mitaka, Kozue...) appeared and Yusaku was unable to make a decision to get Kyoko's love. His relationship with Kyoko has grown closer, and he had many chances and many troubles. Every things were unlikely to turn out as his wish. And he was under the delusion every time.
Yusaku's delusions were very optimistic. He held Kyoko and gave a kiss to her...and hit his head against a telegraph pole or a post every times.
How about Kyoko? She has also been lost in the wild fancies about 10 times in total. But her delusions were very tragic, such as Yusaku was killed, or Kyoko and Yusaku was too pure to grow their many children. Their delusions was not like by the cause of the difference of their characters.
But they suddenly stoped laboring under their delusion. They have never been lost in their wild fancies since the half latter of 1986. It was when their wishes was almost realized and they took their happiness.

(9) Yusaku passed the university entrance examination.

In the spring of 1981, Yusaku barely passed the entrance examination of the university.
But we may not safely say that he passed the entrance examination unexpectedly. Yusaku took the examinations of more than 5 universities. They are "N (Nihon?)" university, "K (Keioh?)" university, Muno university, the university he passed, and a certain national university.
He must have take the examination of the national university for show. The following may be his plan: the first wish was "K" university, the second wish was "N" university, the third with was Muno university, and the safety measure was the university he entered.
If it's so, we must say he went well. Because the residents of Maison Ikkoku disturbed his studies every day, and he was deeply in love with Kyoko. There are few students preparing for an examination with such a great handicap.
By the way, which university Yusaku entered?
1) When he started his job hunting, his friend said that the personnel section manager of a enterprise left his seat in the moment he found the name of the university. His university must be on a low level.
2) Yusaku and his friends hold a party for the new students of his university in Shinjuku. It means the students of this university often go to Shinjuku as a field of activities.
3) When Godai got up too late in the day when he had the term examination, he and Kyoko took taxi to go to his university. They left Maison Ikkoku at 8:30 and arrived at the university at 9:35. Maison Ikkoku may be in Higashi-Kurume city. So we found it took within an hour from Higashi-Kurume to Godai's university by taxi.
But there are many university meet these conditions. The key to the solution is Yusaku's major in his university. When Kozue's father asked his major, he answered "The department of education". In fact, there are only 3 universities has the department of education in the Tokyo metroporitan area.
(1) Waseda university (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
(2) Bunkyo university (Koshigaya city, Saitama)
(3) Soka university (Tokyo, Hachioji city, Tokyo)
We can exclude only Waseda because it's a university with a high reputation. Is Godai's university Bunkyo or Soka? It's very difficult. Mnn...I don't decide it, because the students of both university may believe Yusaku is the student of their university.

(10) Yusaku started the battle with Mitaka.

In summer of this year, Kyoko and Mrs.Ichinose began to go tennis club. The coach of this club was Shun Mitaka. He is a very rich man, lived in an exclusive codominium, had car(Nissan Silvia) and ruiser, and has said to Kyoko that he would buy a house with large garden. He was 25 years old at that time. Yusaku seemed to have no chance of winning the battle with him.
But Mitaka may feel uneasy about something. Mitaka's uncle have said "By merging with the Kujo assets, the Mitaka fortune will be secure for generations". What his saying means?
Mitaka's parents looks cheerfully, but they are unlike Kujo or Otonashi family who are dignified and unassuming. They lives in the expensive house, but that house is different from Kujo or Otonashi's old and elegant house.
Maybe it means Mitaka Family is the newly-risen wealthy person. Mitaka's uncle works in the bank, he may feel something crisis of the economic circumstance of the Mitaka family in future. We don't know what the occupation of Mitaka's father is. It may taper off in the future or be supported with prosperity, such as a manager of bar in Ginza.
And Mitaka job (tennis coach) is supported with his physical strength. He cannotmake stable income from teaching tennis forever.
And Mitaka and his parents may have strained relations. When Mitaka went to the parents' house to ask them to meet Kyoko, Mitaka's mother said "It's so rare you visit us". It means Mitaka hardly went to the parents' house. He may be unwilling to succeed to his father's profession for that something reason. Mitaka seems to have many serious problems.

(11) The Mitaka family have their dental brightness.

Mitaka's white teeth glitter in the sun, make ladies be deeply in love with.
His teeth is the barometer of his health. When he went to see with the residents of Maison Ikkoku and Soichiro Dog, his dental brightness was very feeble.
And Mitaka's dental brightness seems to be catching others.
(1) Mitaka kept a puppy named Mcenroe to overcome his "dog" phobia. When he overcame his "dog" phobia at last, Mcenroe gave him a smile and his teeth also glittered.
(2) Mitaka has said to Asuna "I cannot marry you". But she made up her mind to take tennis lessons for some unknown reason. Her teeth also glittered at that moment. They have never glittered until then.
Kyoko and the other ladies of tennis school often met Mitaka, but they didn't catch his dental brightness. Only Mitaka's parents, his uncle, his puppy have dental brightness, they are his relations.
So when Asuna's teeth glittered, it was decided that she would become a menmer of the Mitaka hamily in the future.

(12) Mitaka was affected his fate by Dogs.

On the way to the saeside, Mitaka confessed his "dog" phobia to Yusaku. He is very proud, and Yusaku is his rivel in love, he surely didn't wanted to say.
But his "dog" phobia was extraordinary. He feared even dogs' barking.
(1) When he went to the coast with Kyoko, he almost kissed her on the mouth. But he ran away suddenly because his car radio broadcasted the music made up of dogs' barking.
(2) He has been to the hot spring with the residents of Maison Ikkoku. In spite of his sleeping well, when Mitaka was whispered "bowwow!" into his ear by Yusaku, he had a bad dream.
He feared even the things look like dogs. After overcoming his "dog" phobia, he touched cautiously the stone-carved guardian dogs (placed at the gate of a Shinto shrine).
What experiences did Mitaka have in his infancy? We also have been ran after or bitten by dogs several times in our infancy, but we don't get into a panic like Mitaka. He must have shocking exparience that we have no idea.

(13) The girl visited Yusaku's room.

The girl first visited Yusaku's room is Ikuko. She liked Yusaku completely at their first meeting, and usually followed about him.
Why Ikuko liked Yusaku? It's probably because she had loneliness.
We have never seen Ikuko's father. He may be very busy with his work. When Ikuko's family (and Yusaku) held a party to celebrate Ikuko passed the entrance examination of the high school of her first choice, her father was on a business trip.
Only her grandfather and Soichiro may have looked after her. But Soichiro passed away. Maybe Ikuko felt that something was missing.
So when she met Yusaku who liked children, she became friendly with him.

(14) Godai gets on better to Otonashi family

Yusaku became Ikuko's private teacher and got on better to Otonashi family. Otonashi family lives in the big wooden house with two stories (Most Japanese houses are built of wood). Its address is Nakano-ku, Tokyo. Kyoko had written the summer season's greetings to Soichiro in her high school age, Soichiro's address was "..., Nakano, Nakano-ku". (And we can find the postal code of Chigusa Family was "177". It means Kyoko and her family lives in Suginamiku, Tokyo.)
The grandpa Otonashi is a trustee of Kyoko's high school, and seems to be on friendly with trustees of other high schools.
He must be a very wealthy man, because his son Soichiro was out of employment for several years. And the finance of Maison Ikkoku must be in the red. If another people become the owner of this apartment, they may sell away it soon. So the residents of Maison ikkoku owe their doing what they likes entirely to Otonashi family.

(15) How poor we were!!

Though being very poor in his college age, Yusaku has scraped up 2,000 yen to buy the small earrings as a present to Kyoko.
All money he had was a bit more than 29,000 yen at that time. And he kept 20,300 yen to pay a month in rent. 300 yean may be repair costs of the building. So we can estimate Kyoko's income on the basis of this rent.
The residents living in the rooms on the second floor are Yusaku, Yotsuya and Akemi. The subtotal income is 20,300 * 3 = 60,900 yen.
The residents living in the rooms on the first floor are Ihinose family and Nikaido. They may pay in rent twice as much as Yusaku, because each room of the first floor has two rooms. So the subtotal income is 40,600 * 2 = 81,200 yen.
We can find out Kyoko's total income is 60,900 + 81,200 = 142,100 yen. Until Nikaido enterd to Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko's income was only a little over 100,000 yen.
Generally speaking, the manager of the apartment pay money to the owner. But it's hard to think Kyoko pays to Grandpa Otonashi, because total income is so very little. It means Kyoko is not in the pay of Otonashi family, but represented Otonashi family.
But Kyoko's income must be not enough for her cost of living. She likes dress herself up, goes to tennis club. Does she have income anything else?
Soichiro must have taken out his life insurance. Maybe Kyoko got some money after his passing away, she deposited money in a post office or a bank and could manag to make her living.

(16) What is Yotsuya really?

We have hardly any knowledge about Yotsuya. "Occupation... unknown, age... indeterminable, hobby... voyeurism". That is all we know about him. We don't know even his given name. What's his true character?
1) The actor
Mrs.Ichinose thought he might be a actor at first. The residents of Maison Ikkoku had held a costume party. Yusaku, Kyoko and Ichinose wore their high school uniform, Amemi wore a white coat of nurse. And Yotsuya wore..... a sedge hood and was playing a shakuhachi. It was a coustume of the mendicant priest. So Mrs.Ichinose thought he might be a actor.
There are many strange things in Yotsuya's room. The invitation cat, Japanese lantern and Japanese sword..., all of them might be used on a period drama.
But the residents of Maison Ikkoku have never seen his appearance on television. Is Yotsuya in little demand?
2) The detective
He might be a fan of Raymond Chandler. Yagami had written to godai "LONG GOOD-BYE", Yotsuya looked it and seemed to take an interest. "LONG GOOD-BYE" is Chandler's detective story.
He always wears the soft hat and the trench coat on his going out. And when Yotsuya was put a shadow on by Nikaido, he cleverly put Nikaido off the track. It may be his professional technic as the detective.
3) The thief
Yotsuya had stealed the roof-space into and made a hole in a wall. Neither an actor nor a detective does such things. It's really technics of the thief. If he is the thief, we can understand he likes peeping.

(17) Godai remember the snow scene.

Mitaka has asked Yusaku "Your hometown is the region with snowfalls, isn't it?" Where is Yusaku's birthplace?
In 1983, Yusaku's grandma came to Tokyo. When she went home, the residents of Maison Ikkoku saw off at the platform of the Oomiya Station. The train Yukari took was "Asahi 157", it's Joetsu Shinkansen. Its stop stations are Takasaki, Nagaoka and Niigata. Takasaki isn't the resion with snowfall. Did Yusaku's grandma get off at Nagaoka or Niigata? Or did she make a train connection and go to another resions?
The key to the solution of this question is her dialect. Because Yusaku's grandma usually uses the Niigata dialect. It shows Godai family is a true inhabitant of Niigata.
In 1986 winter, Yusaku and Kyoko went to Yusaku's hometown. The station they got has no name in comics, but it's very Niigata station. Yusaku's grandma came alone to meet them. It means her house is not far from the station. Yes, Yusaku was born in the central part of Niigata city.

(18) Kyoko's mother pushes ahead.

Kyoko's mother, Ritsuko suddenly came to Maison Ikkoku, and gave the residents notice of Kyoko's resignation. That was the start of Kyoko's battle against her parents.
They often have a quarrel about Kyoko who don't come back and don't want to remarry. And they put the blame on each other. Kyoko's mother seems to be more powerful and strong-willed. Kyoko's father always must surrender to her. Can they be on good terms?
Kyoko's mother is very strict, but beautiful like Kyoko. She must have been really a hit with the boys in her youth age. Why did she marry Kyoko's father?
Kyoko's father must have felt in one-sided love with her, and payed court to her with great feeling. Kyoko's mother may have felt sympathy for him and decided to marry him.
They won't divorce. Because Ritsuko shouts out everyday, she need not suffer from the stress. And she is loved by her husband. He will never have an affair. Kyoko's parents keep well-balanced.

(19) They visit Soichiro's grave noisily.

"I'll never give my daughter to another man!!", all fathers of the world must have thought so. And Kyoko's father also thought so in the extreme.
They never allowed Kyoko to have married Soichiro. On the contrary, when he knew Soichiro had died, he never took him to his heart. He didn't visit Soichiro's grave with a illness as an excuse on the anniversary of Soichiro's death, but his illness was a fake.
Whenever he felt uneasy about Kyoko, he always went scouting in strange disguise. And he was disguised in same clothes every time. He disliked all men who approach Kyoko. Why was he so persistent!? It must be because he regarded Kyoko was too beautiful. He is not a handsome man. But Kyoko is not the very picture of him. So Kyoko is his treasure, he cannot give her to another man!!
By the way, Kyoko's mother contrasted sharply with him. She wanted Kyoko to get married again. When she knew that Mitaka approavhed Kyoko, she spoke well of him. When she knew Yusaku was the person that Kyoko is thinking of, she spoke well of him. She maybe don't mind which person marry Kyoko...
This means mother want her daughter to face up to "reality". Ritsuko believed that it was the best happy way for Kyoko to marry a common person and make a common home. Woman cannot be happy only because she is beautiful, or she is rich. She will be happy because she is loved by her husband. It was very Ritsuko's life. She wanted Kyoko to live so.

To be continued...