The Model Cities on Maison Ikkoku

@Tokyo & Yokohama Report @Kanazawa & Noto Report
(Last Up Date 21/03/2002)
We can find out there're many model points in Tokyo. Higashi-kurume is the model town of Clock Hill.
(Last Up Date 06/05/2001)
When Kyoko went to Ishikawa prefecture for trip, Godai went after her. They traveled Kanazawa and Noto Peninsula.
@Niigata Report @Ikaho Report
(Last Up Date 21/07/2002)
Godai came from Niigata. And Niigata is also a hometown of Rumiko Takahashi.
(Last Up Date 08/10/2001)
Residents of Maison Ikkoku and Mitaka have been to Ikaho for a hot-spring cure.

@ Do you know where are those places in Maison Ikkoku?

(1) Higashi-kurume city (Tokyo)
...The model city of Clock Hill (Tokeizaka)
(2) Shibuya (Tokyo)
...Godai worked at "Cabaret Bunny". That Cabaret may have been in Shibuya.
(3) Shinjuku (Tokyo)
...Godai had a party. He almost entered the love hotel with Eriko Shiraishi.
(4) Yokohama (Kanagawa)
...Mitaka took Kyoko to Yokohama after their marriage meeting.
(5) Enoshima (Kanagawa)
...Kyoko, Godai, Mitaka, Ikuko, Kentaro and Soichiro went to sea.
(6) Niigata (Niigata)
...Godai's home town. His parents keeps small dinner there.
(7) Ikaho (Gunma)
...Residents of Maison Ikkoku and Mitaka went to the hot spring.
(8) Kanazawa & Noto (Ishikawa)
...Kyoko went for the trip alone. And Godai followed her.
(9) Izu (Shizuoka)
...Kujo hamily have their villa.
(10) Nagoya (Aichi)
...Kozue lives in an apartment with her husband.