Town information of Maison Ikkoku

1.This page is a dictionary of all shops, buildings, establishments, enterprises found in "Maison Ikkoku". But I don't pick ones those are parts of background.
2.The explanations of them are based on comics. And when I find one's new settings in animation, if it is inconsistent with one of comics, I pick it. If there are differences of setting between comics and animation, I write both.
@ can be found in comics, and @ can be found only in animation.
3.I arranged in alphabetical order. But for Eating Houses, I make it a new heading.

(1) Apartments

@Maison Ikkoku (Ikkoku-kan) /Clock Hill
The main stage of the story. It's a wooden house which was built before World War 2. cf."Ikkoku-kan Dictionary".
...(1) What does "Ikkoku" mean?
"Ikkoku" means "a minute","a moment","an instant". We Japanese recall "time" by this word. And you know, Maison Ikkoku is in Clock Hill(Tokeizaka). The story of "Maison Ikkoku" is formed on the detailed timetable. Times goes by. It makes a contrast with Takahashi's other works.
...(2) What is the address of Maison Ikkoku?
I found Maison Ikkoku itself have three address. Of course, all adress are fictitious.
1-3-10 Tokeizaka-machi Tokeizaka City, Tokyo
Yagami has written Kyoko a letter (to declare love-war) in the episode of anime #54. Its address was "1-3-10 Tokeizaka-machi Tokeizaka City, Tokyo". And Mitaka has written Kyoko a letter (to beg her pardon) in the episode of anime #61. Its address was "1-???? To???? Tokeizaka City, Tokyo". And Godai has pasted a bill to become a private teacher in the episode of anime #63. Its contact address was "Maison Ikkoku, 1-3-10 Tokeizaka-machi, Tel.(028)5964"
3-3-9 Tokeizaka Nerima-ku, Tokyo
In the movie "Kanketsu-hen (The concluding edition)", Kyoko was given a letter from Godai's grandma. Its address was "Maison Ikkoku, 3-3-9 Tokeizaka Nerima-ku, Tokyo". And Godai was given many mails (jub hunting information) in the episode of anime #67. I can find some words "3-3-9" and "Nerima-ku" on envelopes. And Godai has broken his letter himself in the episode of "A Hot Wind". I can find the word "Nerima-ku, Tokyo" on his envelope.
2-6-5 Tokeizaka ??? City, Tokyo
When Godai's grandma asked to Yagami "How many Chome(lot number) are you going?", Yagami answered "I'll go to 2 Chome" in the episode of anime #67. And Godai has written his address on his curriculum vitae in the episode "Post-Partum Depression"(Only Japanese edition). I can see only "2-6-5 Tokeizaka" on it.
...The model city of Tokeizaka (Clock Hill) is Higashi-kurume City, Tokyo. But Rumiko Takahashi took many landscapes of different points into "Maison Ikkoku". Those was the plase where she was born and bred, such as Niigata, Nakano-ku, Nerima-ku...

@Moonlight Apartments (Gekkou-sou)
An cheap apartment that Kasumi (hostess worked at Bunny) lived in. (By the episode "Stars in Your Eyes" and anime #82). And there is "Nerisaka Ginza Shopping Street" nere here in animation.

@Sun Apts (Corpo.Sun House)
An apartment that Eriko Shiroishi lived in.(By the episode "Shall We... Rest Awhile?"). "Corpo." is often used for names of Japanese apartments. It is Japanese-English, and is an abbreviation of "corporate house".

@The Super Space Pachinko Parlor (Pachinco Dai-uchu) /West Clock Hill.
When Godai ran away from Maison Ikkoku, he stayed in this apartments with a married couple for two months in the episode "A Small Space". The first floor is the tenant of Pachinko parlor and the second floor has some rooms for rent. Godai's room number was 1.

@Takamene Heize /Suginami-ku, Tokyo
An luxurious apartment that Kyoko's parests live in. It's a seven-storied building (and has two floors under the ground). The room number of Kyoko's parents' room is 504. (But in the episode of anime #90, it was 502. It's wrong).
...@ What is the address of Takamine Heize?
Kyoko has written to Soichiro offering best wishes for the hot season in the episode "Just A Little Card". Kyoko's postcode was "167", it points Suginami-ku, Tokyo. So if Kyoko's parents have not moved put since then, they live in Suginami-ku now. But in the episode anime #33, Kyoko's address was "3-3-9 Ogawa-machi Nakano-ku, Tokyo".

@Maison Kolkhoz /Hiroh Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
An luxurious apartment that Mitaka lived in. It's a five-storied building (and has a floor under the ground) only in comics. In anime, it's a seven-storied (sometiomes eleven-storied!?) building, and Mitaka's room was on the six floor. He was paying 200,000 yen a month in rent, and he employed a helper once a week to clean his room.
...@ What is the address of Maison Kolkhoz?
Mrs. Ichinose said he lived in Tokyo in the episode "Wait Three Years". And I can find his address has "3-1-10" by his New Year's greeting card in the episode "Hair O' The Dog". But in the episode of anime #61, Mitaka wrote to Kyoko a letter. Its address was "Maison Kolkhoz 6F, 2-7-5 Hiroh Shibuya-ku".

@Rikkoku (Maison Rikkoku) /Clock Hill
Nikaido was going to enter this luxurious apartment at first. He said it was seven-storied building. But he entered Maison Ikkoku because of some mistake in the episode "One Big Happy Family".

@Unknown named apartments
(1) Kobayashi's apartment. Godai stayed in his room until the results of the entrance examination for unuversities were announced in the episode "Sakura-sakuka!?". But Godai stayed in Sakamoto's room at that time only in animation.
(2) Sakamoto's apartment. His room was on the first floor.
...@ How many times did Godai stayed in Sakamoto's room?
1) Godai kept Sakamoto's cat "Kyoko" in the episode "Kyoko Baby and Mr.Soichiro".
2) Godai talked with Sakamoto and Kobayashi about how to associate with Kozue in the episode "Memories of You".
3) Godai stayed in his room for a week in the episode "Down the Home Stretch". He could not get back to Maison Ikkoku then.
4) Godai drunk beers with Sakamoto in the episode "Playing Hickey". Sakamoto lost his girl friend and gave Godai a love bite at that night.
5) Godai got his job, and visited his room in the episode "Rose-Colored Glasses". He said "Maybe Kyoko... wouldn't mind living poverty!". Sakamoto was at a loss for words.
6) Godai watched Mitaka clinged to Kyoko in the episode "The Door's Still Open". And he stayed in Sakamoto's room for two days with shock.
....Godai visited Sakamoto's room six times at least.

(2) Bank
@Daigo Bank
Godai's grandma gave Godai her bankbook in the episode "Heirlooms". The name of bank was written on it. It was Daigo(No.5) Bank. The model bank is Daishi(No.4) Bank whose head bank and many branch are in Niigata.
Godai's parents lives in Niigata. And Rumiko Takahashi was born there.

@Tohto Bank
Kozue was working in this bank (only in animation). She was given informal assurances of employment on graduation by Fujibishi bank at first. But she said to her boyfriend "I'll work at Tohto Bank, please remember me!!" in the episide of anime #88.
But I know she entered Mitsubishi Bank in comics. It's really exist. We can see her bank at the episode "Twists Upon Twists". There is no name written on works, but I know that symbol marks and disign of bankbooks are ones of Mitsubisi Bank.

@Fujibishi Bank
Kozue was given informal assurances of employment by this bank at first (only in animation). Because she said to Godai about that event herself in the episode of anime #67.

@Mizutomo Bank
We can find Godai's bankbook in the episode "The Door's Still Open" and "Twin Journeys". The name of bank is written on it, and his account number is 914867. He said "I have started a saving account" in the episode "Love You Lots". He did his best and had over 100,000 yen when he traveled to Kanazawa.

(3) Beauty Parlors
Kyoko met Akemi in the episode "Turn the Other Cheek". It was on the third floor of five-storied building.

(4) Bookstores
@Kindai Bookstore Tokeizaka Branch /Clock Hill
Godai was looking up in a dictionary of minerals at this bookstore in the episode of anime #39. And he had an appointment to meet Kozue there. When Kozue met him, she asked him "Do you have few money? Because you choiced a bookstore for arrangement to meet".

@Ann Bookstore
Godai bought a study-aid book at this bookstore to teach his private student in the episode of anime #63. But his student is not an elementary school student but...

@Ohtani Bookstore
Kyoko bought a cooking book at this booksore in the episode of "Akatsuki-ni kane-wa naru"(Not carried in VIZ comics).

@Matsunaga Bookstore
When Godai found a book at this bookstore, he was called out by Yagami in the episode of anime #79. It was a study-aid book for getting a nurce's license.

@Unknown named
Godai was reading books to take shelter from the rain in the episode of anime #17. The signboard of this bookstore shows "Kosyo (secondhand books)".
(5) Cake Shops
@Cake House
Yagami bought cakes at this shop in the episode of "Vertigo".

(6) Clothing Shops
It seems to be jeans shop. Kozue has made Godai put on a shirt in the episode of "Memories of You". I found a name "JIROBE" written in the outside of bag. Kozue put on a same shirt with him, and introduces Godai as her boy-friend to her friends.

@Unknown named
Kyoko bought a sweater as a X'mas gift for Godai in the episode of "Chicken!".

(7) Detective Agencies
@Oginishi Detective Agency /Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
The detective of this agency searched for Mitaka by the request of Kujo. His name was Yusaku Harada. I found the address of this agency is Setagaya-ku by his card.

(8) Disco Bars
@Jack&Betty /Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Godai, Sakamoto, Eriko and Jun went to this Disco bar after the welcome party for new students in the episode "Shall We... Rest Awhile?".

@Unknown Named /Roppongi, Tokyo
In spite of Godai's opposite, Yukari (Godai's Grandma) and her old friends visited this disco in the episode "Grandma Goes to Town". Yukari danced splendidly.

(9) Drugstores
@Suzuki Drugstore /Clock Hill
When Kyoko was taking shelter from rain, she met Kozue at this shop in the episode of anime #17. I cannot find the name of this shop in comics.

(1) Educational Facilities

@Sanryu Collage
The college which Godai studied. We can find the name of this college only by animation.
He was the student of the department of education. But because Godai was often absent, he found he almost failed to get enough credits and almost had to repeat the year every final examination.
He was a member of the puppet club, and he attended college festival when he was in the first grade. But he turned to the ghost member after then.
The nearby station of this college is "Sandai-Mae (It means "the front of Sanryu college") Station".
By the way, Godai took entrance examinations of N university (Nihon?), K university (Komazawa?), Muno college, niryu (It means "the second rate") college, and one nationnal university at least in comics. And in animation, he took examinations of eleven departments of six private colleges and one national university.
His examinee's number of Sanryu college was "4989". This number is too bad for our Japanese, it means "4 pain 8 pain" as the proverb says, makes sence of "be in great trouble".
Which college is the model of Godai's college? Well, I cannot find it yet.

@Shirayuri Women's University
Asuna graduated from this university. But Mitaka's uncle said Asuna was 21 years old when he introduced her to Mitaka. So it's not university but junior college. And that was "Shirobara Women's college" in animation.

@Sakuragaoka women's high school
The high school which Yagami went to. Kyoko also graduated from this school.I can find the name of this school only by animation. "Sakuragaoka" means "Chelly blossoms hill".
Godai has taught at this high school as a student teacher, in the connection of Grandpa Otonashi who was a director of this school. It was seven people (2 men and 5 women) who taught with Godai as student teachers.
Though the school building is one of ferroconcrete in comics, it's good style dressed itself up in the animation (except the episode of anime #17).
The Nearby station is "Sakura-Gyoen (It means "Cherry blossoms garden") Station".
It is said that the model of this women's school is Niigata Central High school, which is Rumiko Takahashi's old school.

@Tokeizaka Elementary School
Kentaro goes to this school. I can find the name of this school only in animation. When they holds a sports meeting at Kenraro's school, Mr.and Mrs.Ichinose run a three-legged race.

@Niigata High School
We can find the name of Godai's old high school neigher in comics and animation. But Godai may have graduated from Niigata high school. It's just by Niigata central high school. Godai was playing rugby with his old friends at the certain high school in the episode "I'll be Back". One friends taught me that its ground is very much like one of Niigata hich school.

@Nerima Education Institute
Godai took a practical examination of the nurse"s license at this place in the episode "Can't You Understand?".

@Waseda University
Godai took a written examination of the nurse's license at this university in the episode "A Fate Sealed". It's one of the prestige universities in Japan. The classroom where Godai took exam was Room 8 of West Campus of Waseda University (Some Japanese fan researched).

(1) Godai looked back upon his young days in the episode of anime #17. He recollected when he was taken a photo with his mother, he was spattered by car. I can find the name of his primary school at his back. It's "The second of Yamada Primary School".
(2) Kozue said to Kyoko "I went to Tokeizaka Second Junior High School." She seemd to love a boy who very looks like Godai.

(2) Enterprises
@Kagero Industrial Company
Yagami's father gave Godai a letter of introduction to get jobs at this conpany at the episode of anime #78. Though Godai refused to take it, Sakamoto got it and his job. "Kagero" means "heat haze".
When Godai and Sakamoto started to work at Cabaret Bunny to pay back thier debt , they found the managing director of Kagero industrial company came to Bunny as a guest. Sakamoto was very surprised. And he left Godai behind and run away soon.

@Kasumi & Co.
Yagami's father gave Godai a letter of introduction to be employed on this company in the episode of "Rose-Colored Glasses". Mr.Yagami said it was one of minor subsidiaries of Mitsutomo. And Godai and his friend said it was computer software firm and had been expanding rapidly. Godai was very glad to get his job finally, but it went bankrupt with Sekiguchi Industries (Hiyori Industries only in animation), Risan Electronics, Karui Trading, Senko Company in the day before his graduation from university. And it was Katsugi & Co. only in animation.
But only Godai felt miserable at that time. Many students must have been given informal assurances of employment at these companies. They also may be jobless persons.

@Yamaumi Stock Company
Mr. Ichinose might have worked at this company(!?). Because I found a signboard of "Yamaumi Stock Company" at the building which Mr.Ichinose worked only in the episode of anime #48. But this building may be a building housing a number of independent business concerns.

@Mitsutomo Enterprise
Godai wanted to find work at this enterprise as his No.1 choice. But he knew Yagami's father was the head of the personnel department of this enterprise at the episode of "Kimono Connection". And...
In the animation I can find the name of Mitsutomo Bank (By Kozue's fianc'e's bankbook) and Mitsutomo Life Insurance(By TV commercial on Mitaka's TV. They may be chains of Mitsutomo Enterprise.

Godai said he wanted to work at Tokyo Maritime fire insurance, Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Matsushita or Sumitomo at the employment counseling of his college in the episode "Que Sera,Sera...". He took the employment guide of SK Industries and Yamato Industrial and visited Matsu'ue Industries and Goi Products.
How about in the episode of anime#67?
(1) Godai checked big enterprises on a job-placement journal. It was Yotsui, Yotsubishi, Matsuue, Kakubeni, and Fuji,Inc.
(2) Godai visited Yotsui, Yotsubishi, and Kakubeni.

(3) Estate Agencies
@Inuyama Estate Agency /Clock Hill
Mitsukoshi entered Maison Ikkoku with an introduction from this estate agency.

@Tokyo Estate Agency
Godai looked for an apartment to live at this agency after going out of Sakamoto's room in the episode "Down the Home Stretch". But he gave up to find soon because he had few money. And it's Tarako Estate Agency only in the episode of anime #31.

@Tokeizaka Estate Agency /Clock Hill
When Godai looked for an apartment for his friend at this agency, Kyoko came along in the episode "The Incident". The telephone number of this estate agency is (36)???7. And I cannot find the name of this agency only in animation.

@My Home Town (MHT) Shinjuku Branch /Shinjuku
This agency dispatched Mitsukoshi to purchase Maison Ikkoku in the episode of anime #51.

@Unknown named /Clock Hill
Godai find an apartment (The Super Space Pachinko Parlor) with an introduction from this agency soon after he ran away from Maison Ikkoku in the episode of "A Small Space". The telephone number of this agency is (36)0157.

(4) Fire Stations
@Marunouchi fire station
The staff of this fire station carried a pregnant woman (and Godai) to the hospital by an ambulance car in the episode of anime #72. We can find that name only in animation.

(5) Flower Shops
@Hanaichi /Near Cemetery
Kyoko bought flowers at this shop to offer on Soichiro's tomb in the episode of anime #52. I can find that name only in animation.

@Tachibana Flowers /Near Cemetery
Kyoko bought flowers at this shop to offer on Soichiro's tomb in the episode "Spring Wasabi". In this story it made clear that Kyoko was a widow.

(6) Forwarding Agencies
Kyoko's mother made Kyoko's household goods moved out by the forwarding agency at the episode of anime #22. The word "DERUI" was written on their corrugated cartons. It may be the name of this agency. And that name is unknown in the original episode "The Big Announcement".

@Dainichi Forwarding Agency
(1) Godai made this agency carried out his household goods to his new apartment house "The Super Space PACHINKO Parlor" at the episode of anime #30. And that name is unknown in the original spidode "Recipe for Misunderstanding".
(2) A stuff of this agency delivered a dressing table to Kyoko at the episode of anime #37. But in the original episode "Clothes Make the ???", a clerk of the furniture store carried it.

@Unknown named
(1) I cannot find the name of the forwarding agency which carried Kyoko's household goods to Maison Ikkoku at the first episode "What Are the Neighbors Doing?".
(2) Godai has lived with a married couple at the PACHINKO Parlor. That man put Godai's houshold goods in pawn. After Godai got back to Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko took his household goods out of pawn, and made the forwarding agency carried them to Godai's room at the original episode "Embraced by Iiiness". But I cannot find the name of this agency.

(7) Hospitals
@Staion Hospital
Kyoko's mother caught a cold and was in bed at the episode of anime #49. We can find the name "Staion Hospital" on the bag of her internal medicine.

@First General Hospital
When Godai was going to have an interview for a job, he met a pregnant woman in labor on the road at the original episode "Birth is Never as Hard as The Worrying". She (with Godai) was carried to this hospital.

@Clock Hill General Hospital /Clock Hill
Godai broke his bone and entered this hospital at the original episode "No Visitors,Please!". Mitaka knew Kyoko took care of Godai, he also broke his bone by ski accident, and entered the same room with Godai.
This hospital must be in Clock Hill, but Godai and Mitaka got back to Clock Hill station from this hospital by train at the original episode "Mending a Break". So this hospital seems to be in the suburbs of Clock Hill town.

(8) Hotels
@Imperial Hotel
Mitaka and Asuna held their wedding reception at this hotel. Akemi said "I'm heard they held wedding reception at Imperial Hotel!!" in the episode of anime #95.

Godai and Kyoko held their wedding at this building in the episode odf "P.S. Ikkoku". Their wedding was according to Shinto rites. I can find the partly of its name only in comics.

Mitaka and Asuna held their engagement ceremony at this hotel in the episode of anime #87. We can find the partly of its name only in animation. And it's known the model of this hotel is Inperial Hotel (Tokyo).

Mitaka and Kyoko held their marriage meeting at this hotel in the episode "Help Me!!".

@...ity HOTEL
Godai had a part-time job at the pool of this hotel in the episode "Vanity Recruit". I can find the name of this hotel "...ity HOTEL" written on a corrugated carton at staff room. It may be City Hotel. And the name of this hotel is DO HOTEL only in the episode of anime #69.

@Unknown named
Mitaka took Kyoko to Yokohama by his car after their marriage meeting in the episode "Treacherous Night". They have eaten gorgeous dinner at the certain hotel. I cannot find the name of this hotel (but it must be very near Yamashita Park).

(9) Houses
@Otonashi House /Nakano, Nakano-ku
That house looks a bit old. But it's very commodious and typical Japasene style house. We can find Japanese veranda, Buddhist altar room, shoji (paper sliding doors) and tatami...
What is the address? Well, we can find "...Nakano, Nakano-ku" on Kyoko's card addressed to Soichiro at the original episode "Just A Little Card". It's Soichiro's address. But in the episode of anime #33, that address is "5-2-11 Nakano-machi, Nakano-ku".

@Kujo House
It is a mantion. And Kujo family has a villa at Izu. When Mitaka visited their house, Mitaka said "They really are one of the "Best families", aren't you?" in VIZ comics. But this isn't the literal translation, in Japanese comics, he said "Dear me, that's like a mansion where old KAZOKU living". KAZOKU is Japanese nobility. Kujo family was nobility until The Warld War 2. We Japanese are reminded of "Kujo" this family name as the distinguished one of Kyoko.

@Godai House Dinner Godai

@Chigusa House Takamine Heize

@Nanao House /Clock Hill
Kozue's family lives a detached house in the residential area. It may have been a house and lot offered for sale. And it's near the station, Kozue has said she usually went along a shopping street at the original episode "One Entangled Evening"
Kozue's room is in the second floor.
Where is Kozue's house in Clock Hill? Please see this map.

@Nikaido House /Ibaraki
It is a two-storied house in the residential area. Nikaido was going to enter the luxury apartment (Rikkoku), his family must be rich.

@Mitaka House /Tokyo
Mitaka's parents lives in the two-storied luxury house. We can see many housing developments around there.
And after Mitaka's marriage, Mitaka and Asuna moved into a detached house of a modern design. Do you remember? At the original episode "Wait Three Years", Mitaka has said he wanted to buy a house with the boundless garden"...
About Mitaka's apartment, please see Maison Kolkhoz.

@Yagami House
Yagami's father is a high-salaried man, so they house is big. Yagami's room is in the second floor. We cannot find out where they live.

(1) Insurance Companies

@Mitsutomo Insurance Company
In the night Mitaka having proposed to Asuna, he watched TV in his room. Thea TV commercial of this company was broadcasted in the episode of anime #87. But its name was unknown in the episode of "The Happiness Curve".

(2) Joweler's Shops
@Accessory TAMAKI
Godai bought Christmas presents for Kyoko, Kozue and Ikuko at this shop in the episode of anime #39. We can find out the name of this shop on a price tag.

@Jewel Chris...More...
Godai bought earring as Christmas presents for Kyoko in the episode "Knit-Picking". But in the episode of anime #38, Its name was The shop of Accessory JOWEL"

Godai bought a broach as a Christas present for Kyoko in the episode "Katteni seiya". The name was written on the packing paper, but we can read only part of whole of the name. And its name was unknown in the episode of anime #2.

(3) Love Hotels
@Hotel ICHIBAN /Shinjuku
Godai almost entered this love hotel with Eriko Shiraishi in the episode "Shall We... Rest Awhile?". If he didn't meet Kyoko...? The price was 3,000 yen for rent, 4,500 yen for overnight. It's name is unknown in VIZ comics.

Akemi called Godai out to this hotel in the episode "Shame!" and anime #91. It's a five-storied building. Akemi stayed in the room No.302. Yusaku and Akemi ran into Kozue on just leaving this hotel. The price was 5,000 yen for rest, 9,000 yen for overnight. In VIZ comics its name is HOTEL S.

Godai and Kyoko entered this love hotel in the episode "The Most Important Detail". The price was 4,800 yen for rest, 7,400 yen for overnight.

(1) Meat Shops

When Kyoko bought meat at this shop, she met Mrs. Kamiogi(Yagami's teacher) in the episode of anime #65.

@Unknown named
Kyoko bought 500 gram of sirloin and liver at this shop to cook a dinner for Godai in the episode "Memorial Cooking".

(2) Movie Theaters
Godai bought two tickets of reserved seats of movie theater in the episode of the anime #12. He wanted to invite Kyoko to go together. But it became his first date with Kozue. The name of the theater is unknown only in the episode of "One Entangled Evening".
The title of the movie was "Mozu-no Hanayome(The bride of shrike)" in the animetion. And it was "Akuma-no Hayanie(The sacrifice for devils)" in the comics.

@Picasso Cinema
Kozue came to nursey school and ask Godai to the movies in the episode of the anime #57. The title of the movie was "The departure of the love".

Godai's grandma scheduled date plan for Godai and Kyoko. They watched a movie at this theaters in the episode "Prune-Faced Cupid" and anime #35. Yotsuya was at the back them.

Sakatmo invited Godai to an adult film in the episode "I Love Dogs"*2".

@Unknown named
(1) Godai's grandma followed Godai and Kozue in the episode Stop Following Me!". They watched a movie together.
(2) Godai ran away from Maison Ikkoku. Before he came back, he watched a movie at the theater in the episode of anime #31. But in the episode "Down the Home Stretch" he could not enter the theater because of having no money.
(3) Godai and Kozue was coming along the theater in the episode of anime #32. The title of the movie showing was "The Space TARAKO". Many eggs of invader described on the signboard. Godai was given an egg by Yotsuya and was worried what to do at that time.
(4) Mitaka watched a movie with a lady at theater in the episode of anime #49. But a dog started barking on the screen, he went pale and got up from his seat soon.