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Attention of using this BBS

  1. It's corresponded cookies on this BBS. If you contribute your massages once, you can omitte on input your name, E-mail adress, URL, password key next time.

  2. You can upload binary files such as images.

    • Possible ile : gif, jpeg
    • max data size : 100 kb
    • if image is over 300 pixel x 150 pixel, it would be reduced and displaied reduces automatically.

  3. you are unabele to use html tags on your massages.

  4. when you use "password key"(within 8 charactors) on your contributing new massages, you can delete your massage by using your password key next time.

  5. the max number of keeping massages is 500. when the number of massages are any more, they would be delete automatically.

  6. you can "reply" on the existing massages. click on the "reply key" of each massage.

  7. you can search massages you want when you use "keyword". click on the link of "seach words" on the prebious page.

  8. the article that webmaster regard as disadvantage, it might be delete without notice.