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相聚一刻劇集  Contributer:Anthony Tsui Date:2007/05/13(Sun) 16:57 No.20  
我想這時在日本已經播出了, 請問一下網主平山先生對此劇的評價

I felt it was so good!!  Pingshan - 2007/05/14(Mon) 22:49 No.21   HomePage

Special Drama "Maison Ikkoku" was broadcast the day before yesterday.
I felt its contents was very faithful to the original comics.

I thought the scenario of this drama was good.
The scenario writer, Yoshikazu Okada, is very famous for the fan of
Maison Ikkoku.
He understands the outlook on the world of Maison Ikkoku.

In 2007, Godai and Haruka are walking together, and they stop
by the park.
Godai tells to Haruka there was a memorial building "Maison Ikkoku" there.
And He begins to speak his legend...

...In1983, Maison Ikkoku...

Special drama  Contributer:Pingshan Date:2007/04/18(Wed) 20:56 No.19   HomePage
Special drama "Maison Ikkoku"
(Episode 1:"Ronin age")
TV station: TV-Asahi
Date of broadcasting: 12/05/2007 21:00-23:06

Misaki Ito (Kyoko)
Daiki Nakabayashi (Yusaku)
Kayoko Kishimoto (Mrs.Ichinose)
Yumiko Takahashi (Akemi)
Ittoku Kishibe (Yotsuya)
Ikki Sawamura (Mitaka)
Nana Eikura (Kozue)
Ei Morisako (Haruka)
Shingo Yanagisawa (Master of Cha-Cha-Maru)
Kin Sugai (Godai's Grandma)
Toshiyuki Hosokawa (Mr.Otonashi)
Ryo Hashizume (Sakamoto)

Original author: Rumiko Takahashi
Scenario writer: Yoshikazu Okada
Director: Katsuhide Motoki

It's May 12  Contributer:Pingshan Date:2007/04/12(Mon) 20:19 No.18   HomePage
It was decided the day of the drama broadcasting at last.
It's May 12, 2007.


Started filming Contributer:Pingshan Date:2006/12/14(Thu) 23:04 No.17   HomePage
The drama "Maison Ikkoku" was started filming!!
Kyoko: Misaki Ito
Godai: Taiki Nakabayashi
Ichinose: Kayoko Kishimoto
Akemi: Yumiko Takahashi
Yotsuya: Ittoku Kishibe

Here is a photo;

The actor performed Godai was chosen at last  Contributer:Pingshan Date:2006/10/26(Thu) 22:07 No.16   HomePage
Today it was announced that the man who performed Godai was decided in the audition.
About 3200 people applied for the audition.
Mr. Taiki Nakabayashi was chosen from all over the archipelago.

Here is a photo of Misaki and Nakabayashi.

About Godai  Contributer:Pingshan Date:2006/08/11(Fri) 20:18 No.15   HomePage
The actor played Yusaku would be decided by ordition.
An amateur as for as the play would be promoted this Octorber.

Please refer this page about Misaki Ito:

On air in next spring!! Contributer:Pingshan Date:2006/08/07(Mon) 23:32 No.13   HomePage
Special TV drama "Maison Ikkoku" was decided on air in next spring!!
Misaki Ito plays Kyoko!

(Japanese only)

Re: On air in next spring!! Theo - 2006/08/11(Fri) 22:34 No.14  

Great news!

I'm sorry I reply the post so late because I went on errands...

Maybe I can study Japanese to help you translate the site to chinese version...but I'm not sure how long time to learn enough Japanese to translate the site...Maybe that's just a dream...

Some news about the drama?  Contributer:Ishikawa Date:2006/03/21(Tue) 02:37 No.8  
Hi again,have you heard some news from Japan about the live drama? I have tried to find some in japanese site,but i had no luck...

Re: Some news about the drama?  Pingshan - 2006/04/01(Thu) 20:48 No.9   HomePage

Sorry. We don't have imformation about drama at all even now.
A fan of MI asked to SPINET (webpage of the magazine "BIG COMIC SPIRITS").
That customer affairs answered;

Currently, we have to say that it's uncertain about a timing of the drama "Maison Ikkoku".
So we cannot tell you a detail.

Re: Some news about the drama?  Theo - 2006/07/31(Mon) 22:26 No.10  

Hi.I heard that Misaki Itou will act Kyoko in new drama...Is that true?

BTW,I guess you know Chinese because your URL spelled in chinese way...^_^

I love <<Maison Ikkoku>>(both animation & comic)&<<The dream of red chamber>>(just from chapter 1 to chapter 80) very much too...

Re: Some news about the drama?  Pingshan - 2006/08/02(Wed) 20:20 No.11   HomePage

>Theo xiansheng
Nihao! Yes, I've studyed Chinese. I also keep other website about Hongloumeng.

Well, I have no new information about the real dorama of Maison Ikkoku even now.
That news "the drama would be on TV in 2006" was noticed in last October.
But magazines of drama, internet news noticed no information.
So I've sent to e-mail to SPI-NET and asked new information. But SPI-NET didn't return mail.
Maybe drama was put aside indefinitely!?

Re: Some news about the drama?  Theo - 2006/08/21(Mon) 21:16 No.12  

Pingshan san:
Konbanwa.I knew you have a website about Honglou Meng,so I said I also like <<MI>>&<<HongLou Meng>>...
I think your website about MI is very rich in content.If you know chinese,why not build a chinese version?I'm sure there're so many MI fans in China...

Hi  Contributer:KYOICH Date:2006/03/15(Wed) 16:31 No.7  
If you like Maison Ikkoku,and hope more,
you should learn Japanese langage!
The auther of Maison Ikkoku use "DAJARE".
It is Japanese joke!but cant understand
in English.so we should learn Japanese!
But Japanese is too deficult...

Maison ikkoku news about drama  Contributer:Ishikawa Date:2006/02/04(Sat) 22:33 No.6  
Arigatou gozaimasu for your kindness...i will wait some news with impatience....Mata ne

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