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The Small Dictionary of Maison Ikkoku

The Basic Data
@The Characters Dictionary @Town Information
(Last Up Date 30/08/2001)
All characters of Maison Ikkoku. If you find ones who aren't reported here, please tell me!!
(Last Up Date 06/03/2002)
Establishments, Shops, Restaurants, Enterprises, Schools...such informations of Maison Ikkoku.
@Ikkoku-kan Dictionary @The Timeline of Maison Ikkoku
(Last Up Date 01/02/2001)
Ikkoku-kan (Maison Ikkoku) is the main stage of the story. I picked up its structure and establishment.
(Last Up Date 01/11/2000)
Timeline on comics is very thorough. and timeline on animation is ...?
(Last Up Date 01/02/2002)
Other establishments of MI world.
The Useful Information
@Your Informations @Quiz Game of Maison Ikkoku
(Last Up Date 20/07/2003)
I'll introduce mails from you. Let's have a good talk about MI, shall we?
(Under Construction)
A quiz game about Maison Ikkoku. Can you get perfect!?
@Maison Ikkoku BBS @Links
(Made Up at 03/08/2005)
Please write freely.
(Last Up Date 25/08/2002)
There are many great websites about Maison Ikkoku made by many fans of Maison Ikkoku.
The Special Topics
@Ikkoku-kan no Omoide @Over the world
(Last Up Date 25/08/2002)
The book "Ikkoku-kan no omoide" is the best one to study about Maison Ikkoku.
(Last Up Date 03/08/2005)
Maison Ikkoku are translated and read in many countries.
@The Model Cities on Maison Ikkoku
(Last Up Date 08/10/2002)
I researched some real places that appeared in Maison Ikkoku.

Making this page, I refered these materials.
@ "Maison Ikkoku" Written by Rumiko Takahashi/ Shogakukan
@ "Ikkoku-kan no Omoide" Written by Maison Ikkoku Jumin kaigi/ Wani Books (JPN)
@ TV series "Maison Ikkoku" Made in Kitty Film, Inc
@ Movie "Maison Ikkoku KanketsuHen (The Final Chapter)" Made in Kitty Film, Inc
@ Maison Ikkoku ML(Jap)
@ Web pages about Maison Ikkoku

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